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The Angler is an NPC that doesn't sell anything, but rather assigns quests to The Angler will give the player a tip on where to find the fish.

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I've been fishing on the beach and instill haven't found the Angler NPC, I found him on another world but something happened to that world.

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Any chance you have something that you can float in water (Ex: Slime Saddle or Water Walking Boots.) I have found him at the very end of the.

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In a large world I can't find isn't in the ocean biome and I don't kown why. Did this happen to you,can I fix it?.

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Instead of saying "[NPC's name] was slain," it will say "[Angler's Name] has left," and the Angler disappears into smoke if you see his death. This is because the.

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I couldn't find the Angler on my main world so I made 3 new ones and I couldn't find him on any. Is this a bug? What am i doing wrong? He's not.

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For Terraria on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Check some of those Ocean chests for flippers and take a few days to go.

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How to Get Pre Hardmode NPCs in Terraria. This wikiHow You'll find the Angler near an Ocean biome, so travel to an ocean-based area to find him. He is first.

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The update to Terraria has finally arrived, and includes tons of new Explore the shores of ocean biomes to find the Angler sleeping on the.