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Minneapolis Impound Lot 51 Colfax Ave North Minneapolis, MN Print and bring a copy of the vehicle search results to the impound lot.

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Why did it get towed? Vehicles are towed for many reasons, including: illegally parking or blocking traffic; by police orders (e.g. it's in an.

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If your car is towed for violating Minneapolis' Snow Emergency () if calling from outside Minneapolis, to find out if your car is at.

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A licensed driver is required to drive the vehicle from the lot. Otherwise, you may arrange to have the vehicle towed from the lot.

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Within 72 hours, a notice is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. For illegally parking or impeding traffic Police may order vehicles towed (cars in accidents, Address: 51 Colfax Ave North, Minneapolis, MN ; Phone:

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A Traffic Control Agent will be sent out to determine whether the vehicle is in violation the vehicle owner may be fined up to $ and the vehicle will be towed.

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There are a variety of reasons why your car could get towed in Minneapolis. Like any city, there are the standard reasons including parking violation.

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If your vehicle was towed prior to 3/31/ fees will be: Use the below form to find where you can retrieve your impounded vehicle and view any fines.

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The impound lot tows and collects vehicles for a number of reasons: illegally However, if your vehicle does get towed, here is some helpful information.

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Minneapolis reported that vehicles were towed during day two of the “I saw a guy walking out in just boxers to get his car so he wouldn't get towed,” said.