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FASTfire BRONZclay created by Metal Clay Adventures is easily sculpted, molded, carved and formed, and becomes solid bronze when fired. Your imagination.

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30g, g, g and 1 kg packages available. Fastest firing bronze clay. Must fire in activated carbon in a kiln. Fast ramp to target and hold for 3 hours for best.

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Getting started firing BRONZclay is easy. Click here for BRONZclay Firing Instructions. BRONZclay is also available in a FastFire option, which instructions for.

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and formed, and becomes solid bronze when fired. FASTfire BRONZclay™ is just that: a clay. varies, we recommend that you fire a test piece measuring.

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Firing Prometheus® Bronze Clay is easier than ever; you simply need 30 firing. We don't recommend fast drying for large and/or massive pieces (statues etc.).

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This is an awesome clay. This was my first entry into metal clay. I choose this bronze after a lot of research, for its fast firing schedule, and low cost compared to .