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Your business' laminating machine enables you to coat cards, certificates and other important documents with a sheet of protective plastic. To use a laminator.

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From time to time, though, a pouch might get stuck in your laminator. If this is the problem, turn the machine back on and put it in reverse.

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How to fix your laminating machine. After all, finishing issues like these delay jobs, waste film and waste stock. So how do you solve them?.

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) Make sure the film path is correct for both top and bottom webs. Make sure If the laminating and pull rollers on your machine can be opened and closed.

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Anyone who has worked in a school has probably come in contact with a laminating machine. These handy devices allow you to protect paper and poster board.

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Inspect a laminator roller for damage if you begin seeing wrinkles on the film that How to Repair a Laminator Roller Plug the machine back in and turn it on.

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A laminator machine is a device used to protect frequently used or important documents in a transparent, plastic cover. The lamination pouch machine is the.