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If the self-closing door to your garage isn't closing hard enough to latch properly or the door slams shut, you can adjust the spring hinge tension.

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A slamming cabinet door is quite disruptive and can eventually damage it or the cabinetry. Self-closing cabinet hinges prevent doors from slamming. When a.

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A self-closing hinge can be great for keeping your doors or cabinets shut without you having to slam them. But installing, removing or adjusting.

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This video is about fixing self-closing doors. Doors close by themselves when they're not hung plumb, and gravity closes the door. The solution is to remove the .

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Self-closing door hinges work with the help of an internal spring which is attached to the door and a door frame. These hinges use the tension in the spring to.

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By code, some doors in a home must use self-closing hinges. These are spring- loaded hinges that automatically close and latch when the door is let go from an.

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Self-closing door hinges work via an internal spring attached to the door and a door frame. The hinges use the spring's tension to automatically close doors.

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A: You have a hinge problem on your fire door, which is required to have a self- closing mechanism. Although these doors are important, they.

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Wright Products /4 in. White Self-Closing Adjustable Hinge is a replacement part for your screen door. Designed for screen and lightweight utility doors.