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So I digged out my old PS3 phat.. checked if i could intall custom FW.. I have just orded a YLOD fix kit but from experience they do not last.

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I live in Canada, Alberta so the best would be someone that lives nearby but I'm willing to ship it if need be. I am not sure what the PS3's.

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Downgrade any FAT and most SLIM PS3 consoles to Includes NAND FAT Safer and longer lasting solution to fix YLOD Includes high.

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I bought a phat downgradable ps3 off eBay and sent to a guy to downgrade for me. I now want to use it again and want to fix the ylod. I don't.

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As stated, YLOD is a general hardware failure. It probably needs to be reflowed, and if not reflowed then reballed. I can attempt a reflow with.

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Melbourne Based PS3 YLOD Repair Centre Postal Service Sydney Brisbane Australia SONY PLAYSTATION 3 Yellow Light Of Death Repair Service formatted to the FAT 32 File system PS3 Software Downgrade Version HOT. line.

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The most common problem we fix in over lots of PS3 is the YLOD (yellow PS3 Phat DEX / CEX full service is fully refurbish like new! Ps3 Downgrade Uk.