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Here's a folding technique that will have you looking twice as sharp as everyone else.

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A sleek and unusual fold: The double pocket square fold. It is a style that combines two presidential folds and is perfect for 2 differently colored.

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Learn 9 easy pocket square folds with The Knot's pocket square guide. the correct pocket square size and even how to fold two pocket squares together.

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#2. One Point Fold Pocket Square. folding a pocket square - one-point. Begin with the pocket square fully unfolded and flat. Fold it diagonally down the middle to.

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To score double points with your style, fold your pocket square in half, corner to corner, . Bunch it together by making a ring out of your thumb and forefinger.

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The complete pocket square guide: how to match colours and palette to bring your look together and match it to a primary colour in your ties such as in the image below. How to fold a pocket square for a wedding image 2.

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We show you six ways to fold a pocket square for your suit or jacket, from simple to sophisticated. Next fold in the two long opposite points of the triangle.