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Making a Medieval Steel Gauntlet - Sheet Metal (WIP): Hello, crafty people, I'd thought I'd join in the Now, the reason to start off with gauntlets is simple, there is (You need a forge to make breastplate, shoulder armours are not as interesting to make for a 1st try, A more fun-ctional(if it makes sense) armour to play with.

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I've been getting a few comments along the lines of "this isn't real armor" so. instructables for quite a few pieces, but I have not found any for armored gauntlets. The sheet metal can be salvaged from many places, if you contact a ducting.

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Ive been making knives, decorative brackets, tools etc on the forge, I think I'll leave the majority of the arm plates and just go for spaulders and bracers, i reckon that steel drums are a bit too thin for armour reproduction. i.

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Dear friends,. We decided to share our experience - to instruct you and clearly demonstrate the process of helmet production! Hopefully this.

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Armored Warrior Carbon Steel Arm Vambraces - Bracers Medieval Knights Hand Forged Siege Warfare 18g Vambrace Medieval Knights Armor Arm Bracer .

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Results 1 - 48 of LARP Steel Armor Bracers ON FAIR/Pair of Arm Protection/Metal .. Hand Forged Siege Warfare 18g Vambrace Medieval Knights Armor.