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In every basement, chances are that you'll have some support poles you'll need to frame-in. Unless they all happen to be in a storage area, Framed support pole .

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How to frame basement poles: To help when framing basement support poles, use quick clamps to hold the Discover ideas about Basement Pole Covers.

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basement pole cover More.

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If you are looking for ideas on how to finish basement columns, you will be amazed to see all the possibilities available. The columns are there to support the.

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If you'd like to transform your basement into a finished recreation area or you By building a wooden box, or frame, around each pole, you can then cover the.

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Possibly, but you should consult a structural engineer. For the cost of less than a day's work for an engineer you will get an answer that you can.

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Worst way to hide a support column (my opinion). “Box” it out (build As always good luck with your basement framing projects. I'm always.

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Hide the pole in a wall; Hide the post in a “wall-pillar” This is easier said than done, but not if you know a few tricks of the framing trade!.

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I'm just finishing up on a basement job and was wondering if there is an I have also added a support around the center point of the post in the.

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Framing basement walls can be learned by the average homeowner. Not sure if you them properly. I've divided the posts for wall framing into two sections.