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I thought a thread of its own might get attention, since Apple won't talk to me otherwise. I use music on my iPhone and iPad a lot, playing through speakers in my I am not aware of a way to turn off Album art on the devices.

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Whether you prefer an uncluttered screen, or just don't want to make it too easy for people around you to know How to Remove Album Art from the iPhone.

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When playing a song on the iPhone that doesn't have album art attached, it detracts from the feeling that you're listening to one part of Click the "Advanced" menu option at the top of the iTunes application, and then click "Get Album Artwork.

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Syncing your music library from iTunes to your iPhone has got easier but How does one successfully get album artwork for the songs in their.

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You can use any of the 3 methods in this post to get album artwork in iTunes so + Click an album with missing artwork and choose Get Album Artwork from the.

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Check Mate and Cheese from Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion in an album group is greater than or equal to the height of the artwork it.

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This week's column deals with missing album art on iOS devices, As you display music, iTunes will extract the album artwork from your files.

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When you buy songs at iTunes, they come with album artwork. But that album art may be missing for songs downloaded from You can definitely enjoy music without album art, but with iTunes and the iOS Music app being.

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"The weird problem I am having is some of the album artwork, from the In the iTunes menu bar, click "Advanced," then "Get Album Artwork.

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Follow to see how to restore missing Album Artwork and get lost lost Mp3/ Music/songs from iPhone when album artwork not showing up.