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I spend hours on searching for the Death Mask, i just cannot find it. Can anyone help me please how i obtain the Death Mask?.

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Shantae and the Pirate's Curse im stuck how do u get the death mask Go to Scuttle Town where the boat is, go to the left and enter the.

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In order to get past the Hexer and gain access to the Village, Shantae must have the Death Mask. At the midpoint, there is a human girl who seems to resemble.

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Abner Cadaver Half Genie Hero Pirate&#;s Curse Risky&#;s Revenge Gender They strike a deal with her: providing her with a tool to get in Hypno Tower in He also offers to take Shantae's now-useless Death Mask off her hands in.

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If you've ever played a Shantae game then you know how tricky they to the boy in the house to the left of the ship to receive the Death Mask.

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We hope everyone loves the new Shantae theme song “Dance Through the Danger” as much as we do! And to make sure you have a rocking.