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A firearms license is a state license however it is issued under the authority of county To complete the State of New York Pistol/Revolver License Application .

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Firearms Licensing. Subject to limited exceptions, possession of a handgun or rifle/shotgun in New York City requires a license (for handguns) or a permit (for.

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A completed and signed Pistol Licensee's Residence Declaration. d. NYS Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption/FOIL Opt Out Form.

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A pistol license and background check are required to possess a handgun in New York State. No license is needed to buy a rifle or shotgun.

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The process for obtaining a handgun license in New York City is long (between 3 – 6 months, and waits up to months are not entirely uncommon), and.

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If you ask a random person living in NYC how hard it is to get a gun license, they will probably tell you that if you want a license to carry a gun.

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The Westchester County Clerk maintains the County's Pistol License records, after Westchester County Firearms Safety Course: The New York State Penal.

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Ulster County Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum's call last week for licensed pistol permit holders to begin carrying their weapons in the name of public.