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If you use as your primary web mail client, you likely have noticed that Gmail has a new redesigned visual interface and appearance.

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First, make sure you're looking at Gmail in a web browser. Update 9/ It seems that it's no longer possible to revert back to the old Gmail.

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If you've switched to the new Gmail design and feel lost, you can just as easily switch back. earlier this month, you'll be happy to know that you don't have to actually stick with the redesign. You're back in the old interface for now. Google.

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Well, it's finally happened: The new Gmail interface is here. I know; change is hard. But hey, guess what? You actually don't have to switch to.

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Q. I tried to get used to the new Gmail web design, but I just don't like it. version of Gmail on the web, and you can revert to the old look from.

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If I were better versed in the usage of Gmail, a product I don't even use, I would have been able to provide a more helpful answer, absent that.