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Super Sea Snails are powerful creatures that can upgrade your gear. But you'll need to find a specialist Someone who knows how to unlock the power of.

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In order to get more Sea Snails after the final splatfest, you must play about 30 matches in order to recieve one Super Sea Snail from Judd. To see how Super.

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You get them from participating in Splatfests. You'll get more depending on your personal rank at the end of the event and also if your side wins overall. I don't.

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All links must be to content related to Splatoon 2, whether it be a video . I'm like 99% sure you get a Super Sea Snail from Judd every time you.

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In Splatoon 1, Super Sea Snails were rewarded after Splatfests. They were .. And welcome to Splatoon, hope you have a good time! くコ:彡.

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At the conclusion of each Splatfest, players are awarded Super Sea Snails according to their rank and team affiliation. See the list of ranks and.