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This page allows you to easily type currency symbols, such as the euro symbol, pound symbol, cent symbol, yen symbol, etc. You can edit your text in the box.

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I have a report in an email which needs a British pound sign in a password to open it, but my keyboard does not have this sign. I suspect there.

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Pound sign alt code and unicode character, learn how to make and write a Pound I have a keyboard from Hong Kong and cannot get the British pound sign.

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The pound sign (£) is the symbol for the pound sterling—the currency of the United Kingdom . On Latin-alphabet typewriters lacking a "£" symbol type element, a reasonable approximation could be made by typing an "f" over an "L".

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The keyboards of North American computers generally will have a key for the dollar sign, but not for a British pound sign (£). If you are typing a document or.

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Just hold the left ALT key and type the number for the symbol using the number pad on the keyboard (rather than the numbers on the top line).

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This links to a thread that explains several ways to make a pound sign (£) did you get the Euro sign by holding down the 'Alt Gr' key as you.

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Need a £ sign or € symbol but your keyboard doesn't have one? Here are a few how to get pound sign on keyboard main. Depending upon.

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Find out how to type £ pound currency sign directly from your keyboard. Use it in finance, put it on Facebook. It's what they call money in Britain.

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If you want to type a British pound sign, look beyond your U.S. keyboard. It doesn' t have a dedicated key that can do this for you, so you must find other ways to.