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I have diamond launchers, and you just gotta figure out how to do .. I got my FHJ gold just the other day and that particular challenge was.

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The FHJ AA is an anti-aircraft launcher in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, being very similar to the Some Scorestreaks have flares which would require more than one missile to take it down. Diamond - Unlock gold camo on every launcher.

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The FHJ AA is a guided shoulder-mounted rocket launcher that can ONLY lock-on to enemy vehicles and turrets. Gold, Unlock all camos.

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topic titled "Question about the camo challenges for the FHJ AA". I have diamond launchers and when I was trying to get the FHJ gold I.

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Black ops 2 FHJ AA gold. I try the FHJ AA to get into gold but if I turn off the weapon with one ARG I get though the challenge ARG hunter.

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I need two more player controlled scorestreak kills with the FHJ, but no one uses a dragonfire! Why do we need 10 to get ronin camo, it's the last. I do have doubts though if a massive gold launcher on my back is one of the.

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ronin camo destroy 10 player controlled score streaks is like killing me its the only thing holding me back from getting my launchers diamond.