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To begin a sea-going career, get a Z-card, also known as a merchant mariner's Submit completed forms to the applicable Coast Guard Regional Exam Center.

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Issued by the Coast Guard, the Z-card was formerly known as the Merchant Mariner Document, or MMD. In , the MMD was combined with the Merchant Mariner's License, the Standards of Training Certificate and Watchkeeping Endorsement, and the Certificate of Registry to form the.

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United States Coast Guard . If your application is not complete, you may receive and Awaiting Information (AI) email and/or letter requesting more information.

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When you have determined which credential to apply for and you are ready to submit by the Coast Guard or have the training documented in a Training Record .. Alien Registration Card issued by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization.

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Not long ago some friends and I decided we needed to get Merchant Mariner Cards (Z-Cards) in addition to our USCG Captain's Licenses.

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Trying to get my zcard need info. On how much does it cost, and how long does it take for it to come in,and where do I go and apply for my.

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The z-card is a type of credential that the U.S. Coast Guard issues to When mariners apply for and receive their MMC, their new MMC.

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Under the Seafarers' Identity Documents Convention, , countries with a Merchant Navy or Merchant Marine require identifying credentials for their mariners. The Merchant Mariner's Document (MMD) or Z-card in the United States, and The Coast Guard has begun replacing the Merchant Mariner's Document, STCW.

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It's a longish kind of process but it's not too difficult once you get organized. Here are First. Go to the USCG site and find the link for licenses and documents.