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The pretty powderpuff tree blooms with red, pink or white blossoms resembling soft, fluffy powder puffs.

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An easy to understand guide to growing Powder Puff Trees, with light and watering requirements, growing tips, propagation methods and photos.

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The pink powder puff tree (Calliandra surinamensis) is a large but low-branching evergreen shrub originally native to Suriname. This plant produces large.

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5 days ago Those bright red fuzzy "flowers" are actually made up of stamens and can grow to 3 in (8 cm) in diameter. Powder puffs are long-lasting and will.

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There, they are grown as small trees with woody stems and especially prized for their profuse displays of red “powder puff” flowers that blanket.

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Powder puff trees are intolerant of temperatures below 65o Fahrenheit. In the USDA growing zones between 9b and 11, they can be grown.

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Huge mimosa-like pink flowers give rise to the plant's other name 'powder puff tree'. Ideal as a patio plant in a bright, sunny spot to enjoy the delicate fragrance.