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Use the microwave method to touch up white spots on hand-painted yarns. Once a microwave oven is used in dyeing, it should never be used for food.

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Today I will show you how to hand paint yarn in the comfort of your own kitchen. Not only will you Heat - In this tutorial, the heat source is a microwave oven.

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Ever wish you could dye your own yarn to get the variegated color effect? Well I just learned how to do one method, and I'm going to share it with My New Passion–Hand Painting Yarn with Food Coloring in the Microwave.

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You can also use a super wash wool and not have any worries about felting. You can use a spoon or your gloved hand to make sure the dye.

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She does not have a microwave, and wanted to know of some different If you hand paint your yarn, or are trying to speckle dye it, then full or.

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hand dyeing yarn with food coloring in the microwave by @hookabee This is After the dye had all been absorbed, I left the yarn in the jar and.

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But this would be my first formal instruction in yarn dyeing, and my first time using and plugging in what looked suspiciously like a microwave oven. us in this intro workshop, is known as hand painting yarns with acid dyes.

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How to Dye Yarn: Handpainting: I've been dying to dye my own yarn for months now. I've been a Microwave oven (ideally an extra one, not one you use to cook food in). Tip . The Yarn Lover's Guide to Hand Dyeing, by Linda La Belle.

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How to Dye Yarn: easy hand-painting technique with crochet, knit and . Yarn in the microwave bowl and old shopping bag placed over bowl.