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You want to use COLGROUP to do this, otherwise you have to apply a style to every cell on every row, which will be terribly inefficient and will.

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try this,. Add JavaScript in your page. javascript"> function hideColumn() { var gridrows = $("#GridView1 tbody tr"); for (var i = 0.

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I want to Hide a auto genrated datagrid's some column. using javascript. I have saperate button for Hide and show of datagrid Columns. and.

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A column is considered hidden when its visible option is false. You can JavaScript @ViewChild(DxDataGridComponent) dataGrid: DxDataGridComponent;.

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Hide table column using JavaScript. Example: Enter Column Number: (Enter column number in the Textbox and click on Hide Example:1,2,3,..).

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ShowGridViewColumn('Plant Level Quote', false); function ShowGridViewColumn(strColHeader, show) { var gv = document.