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How to rig a soft plastic lizard. How to fillet a trout - Duration: Thundermist Lures , views · Play next; Play now. Bass Fishing.

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How to put a Pumpkinseed Lizard onto your hook for summer bass fishing. TRICK to Catch MORE Bass on Plastic Worms - Bass Fishing Tips.

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Soft-plastic lizards are deadly for fishing bedded bass. During the spawn, they are the go-to bait for many tournament anglers, including Florida.

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I have some gamakatsu 4/0 offset shank hooks, i see a lot of videos of That particular color Zoom lizard and size is one of my favorite baits.

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Thankfully, the Texas rig will support all water types and cover situations. All plastic baits, worms, lizards, and creature baits can be rigged.

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Picking effective soft plastic baits can be difficult at times, but it doesn't for hours on-end without the Lizard sliding down on the hook shank.

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“Lizards and creature baits are both hard to beat at this time of year, “If I'm puching a creature bait through heavy vegetation, I'll Texas rig it.

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Some of these hooks are also used with other soft plastic lures that are not pre- configured with hooks (like swimbaits), including lizards, frogs.

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One reason may be lizard baits simply resemble something packed full of protein and Just make a leader with a hook on one end and a swivel on the other.