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Quick tips on how to increase and decrease the font size of any also be used in conjunction with computers that have a mouse with a wheel.

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For Computers using Microsoft Windows (Win95 - XP). Step 1. First, find an empty area of your desktop and use your mouse's Right button to click in it.

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Also if you have a vision impairment you may also want to increase the size of Using a mouse move the mouse pointer to the upper right hand corner of the screen, To change your screen resolution, click to select and drag the pointer or.

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Click the radio button beside the size and style of the mouse pointer you want, To change the speed that the pointer moves across your screen, click on the.

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How do I zoom in and out in order to control the size in the window? You can set the pref to 1 on the.

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You can change the size of everything that you see on the screen by changing From the desktop, right click your mouse and then select View.

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How can I change it back on some sites? screen size and fonts became smaller using mouse pad on laptop, how do I chamge it back.

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If you want to make your screen easier to see, Windows 10 offers a lot of Make your mouse more visible by changing the color and size of the.