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The Competition Engineering Front Travel Limiter is designed for use in drag race The seven-position adjustment bar will allow you to fine tune front-end.

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Before installation, set limiters to 14 ½” from the install pin to the top of the stop shoulder by FOR CORRECT INSTALLATION, FRONT SUSPENSION MUST BE .

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Protecting your expensive independent front suspension parts has never been easier.

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While we were adding the front-end limiters to the car, we also decided to take out some weight in the nose of the car and replace our lower.

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Travel limiters are one of the easiest tuning devices to install and can make a dramatic difference in the performance of any race car. Limiting front end travel is .

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Limit front end travel for drag race applications. Install to lower control arm and body to limit arm travel. These are fully tubular and feature a quick pin to made.

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Front Suspension Limiters for Stock Front A-Arms - Front suspension limiter kit for cars using stock type a-arms. Rubber snubber type. Welding required.

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So I have to install a limiter. I'd like this to be as clean as possible, and making it adjustable kind of negates the cleanlyness. So how much am I.

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I am installing limiters this week and don't know much about how much travel I need. Car is a pound 79 camaro. 60fts Front end is.

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Take a look at our Front End Travel Limiter, as well as other A-Arm Kits or struts , the kit is easily adjustable and comes complete and ready for installation.