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iSpazio DockFlow is a mod that I noticed last night. you have installed DockFlow iPod on the iPhone.. that's why you have this problem.

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I have Winterboard and the Glasklart icons installed. that ispazio isn't updated for ios4; others mentioning new repo address(es) for ispazio.

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First, you need to search and find Download Manager Light on your phone, then download and install that app. This app can be used to download any type of.

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I tried installing it but am unable to locate the file I have the ispazio source installed but no Dockflow or Flowdock since there seems to be two.

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iSpazio DockFlow by forevermac, brings CoverFlow styling to your iPhone Dock. DockFlow uses 5 icons for your Dock. You need to put Safari.

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These instruction will guide you on how to install and activate iSpazio Dock Flow. NOTE: You need to have a Five Icon Dock. Check out my post.

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If you are willing to deal with these restrictions is does look awesome. Check out my post here on how to install iSpazio DockFlow via Cydia.

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hi all.. i have installed five icon dock and ispazio dockflow on default theme. five icon is working but how do i activate the dockflow? someone.