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Jun 20, Recent versions of Wine can run iTunes and Apple Music for Linux with no Next you're going to run the installer with wine and walk through all the I opted to not install a desktop icon so I have no idea what that will do.

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Unfortunately Apple does not support the Linux platform when it comes to their products. Even if you manage to install iTunes with wine, it.

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Jul 31, I did many times this installation, but since some recent changes in WINE and the iTunes package (unfortunately iTunes it isn't the easiest.

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I can't seem to install ITunes under Wine for LL. I did the following Right click on it > Properties > Open with: Wine Windows Program Loader.

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As you may know, iTunes isn't available for Ubuntu Linux as a native application. But still you're able to install it using tools like WINE or PlayOnLinux. You have.

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Sep 21, Screenshot showing iTunes on Linux running with WINE. Running It will install in the same way as if you were installing it on Windows.