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Try to perform clean install. Uninstall x video encoder, and DXTory fully (files, registry) you may use Revo Uninstaller or similar (may be in.

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If you have any questions, or have trouble trying to install the codec let .. I recommend dxtory with x and either camtasia or movie maker as.

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Download xvfw for free. xvfw is the VfW (Video for Windows) This encoder is awesome for recording high quality and low size videos.

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1) Download the VFW (Video for Windows) x codec. 2) Close Dxtory and proceed to install the x codec(s) you downloaded in step 1.

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Hi,I have bought dxtory to record gameplay to start a YouTube channel Ah okay, if you ever decide to install DXtory again, here is a few codecs I can x Codec - (currently using this one, overall good quality, uses less.

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I seen a few people recommending the x Codec, the quality #3 for those that are looking to make this Codec work for recording games.