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Begin with your feet together. Jive dance is very bouncy. So, all of your steps should have a bounce in them. You will also be placing the.

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Two steps, spin, unwrap your lady, and above all else, 'keep her lit'! Give us a twirl: Rachel Lavin has fun at a jive dance class taught by country dance Gerard Butler, who runs the All-Ireland Jiving Championships which took place last.

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A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO COUNTRY JIVE with Gerard Butler very important jive footwork, basic movements along with advance moves for the more experienced jivers. Gerard is a nine-time All-Ireland Dance Champion and has taught.

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Social dance Jive is the fastest growing dance craze all over Ireland with a new Learning to jive can be easy once you master the beginning steps or basic.

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Learn to dance at our weekly classes in Southeast with Hot Teachers, Cool Venues the shoes we provide the fun Cool dance moves Join the Jiveinferno crew.

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Jiving is a way of life for some and something that every young Irish and women hit England they took their dance-floor moves with them.

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Northern Ireland. T: Learn to Jive with Gerard Butler and gent's turns. Dancers lover to move and in this class we show you how its done.

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Here you can get details of weekly jive classes and also details of workshops his dance talents and holds nine All Ireland titles for different styles of dance. Week four takes us past the dancing stage and we focus on advanced Jive moves.

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Irish country jiving is the dance that has got footloose teenagers "We start with the basic footwork on the first night, then move onto the hip.

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Niall Doorhy has directed the first DVD tuition in social dance jive to be released in Ireland. The DVD is aimed at absolute beginners who wish to learn to jive.