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It is common practice to create an auto-attendant or IVR menu in a new context, so that it remains independant of the other extensions in the.

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Learn how to build a powerful IVR system with Asterisk or buy a Digium's competitively priced solution, Switchvox, which includes an integrated IVR editor.

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Interactive voice response menus. Implementing a simple 'push-1, push-2' menu structure. The key to creating this menu is to create an Extension (defined as.

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"In telephony, interactive voice response, or IVR, is a phone technology that allows a computer to detect voice and touch tones using a normal phone call.

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If you want to learn Asterisk read on, but if your just trying to setup an IVR/Auto Attendant system for your business RingRoost can do this in just.

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Install and configure IVR in Asterisk Server. IVR is easy to setup on Asterisk. Follow this tutorial to get working IVR on Asterisk and test it.

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Interactive voice response (IVR) is ubiquitous and now pervades the business and commerce milieu. Using Asterisk, IVR can be easily set up.

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Asterisk has some problems with H If your provider supplies SIP, ask them for SIP instead. You may build a whole IVR on dial plans in your .