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Too much sun exposure can cause lip discoloration, including dark spots. Keep your natural lip.

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Chapped lips tend to look dull and washed out. If you want bright, pretty red lips, take steps to prevent them.

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From keeping cotton swabs handy to using a lip brush for more precise application, find out what lessons I learned wearing red lipstick for a.

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Your lips deserve some extra care and attention in order to keep them hydrated and restore . Besides, it leaves this gorgeous red stain too!.

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With holiday party season in full swing, there's nothing like a bold red lip to get you in the right mindset and the right mood. But how to keep that.

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Every woman dreams of pink or ruby-red, healthy and plump lips and today we're going to Coconut oil can retain moisture in the lips. 2.

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Some tips for lips care: Drink enough water -Remove deadskin on your lips twice a 'hot' coffee, tea or other beverages and keep the skin of lips moisturized.

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I absolutely love wearing a vibrant, traffic-stopping red lipstick but detest the fact that it always gets all over everything. Truthfully, I am a bit clumsy and known to.

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While a red lip may feel like a hall pass to go carte blanche with the rest of your makeup, keeping everything else very minimal will not only make your pout pop, .

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Keep your lips merry and bright all night. We know a can't-fail method for getting your red lip to look amazing and stay all day without touching up.