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It is easy to join a new ball of yarn and begin knitting in a new color. With one simple step, you can knit stripes.

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For my chunky scarf I used a circular knitting needles to knit the single row stripes without having to cut the yarn, and I would like to share this.

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When you're knitting stripes, you don't want to have lots of ends left over to sew in , so in this video we'll show you how to carry your yarn neatly up the side of.

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Get our top tips on knitting stripes in perfectly to patterns and the best ways to get them to match up.

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Changing colors to make a striped scarf or hat is as easy as falling off a can change colors without having to cut your yarn or weave in ends.

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The stripes will be about " wide. Do I cut and work in the ends every time I change colors or is there a way to continue the yarn without.

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The scarf is knitted in stockinette (or stocking) stitch, working every alternate row to knit single row stripes without cutting the yarn (knitting patterns by Amanda.

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Striped hats, striped socks, striped scarves, striped sweaters: They're fun to knit, Those jogs you get when you knit striped work in the round. Knitting stripes that match up evenly, without the telltale jog at the beginning of.

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When working a pattern in stripes, sometimes you'll see an instruction “Carry the yarn not in use along the side” (as with the Knit Shell Beach leave the color you are currently not using at the side of your work without cutting it. This should be especially considered when you are making a scarf or a throw.