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Luckily, MacBook owners can protect their sensitive files from prying eyes by password protecting specific folders. This goes as far back as Mac OS X Snow Leopard. And just like a folder, you can add items to your password-protected disk image before ejecting it.

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This wikiHow teaches you how to create a password-protected disk image (DMG) folder on a Mac. Click the Finder app icon, which resembles a blue face, in your Mac's Dock. Once you've created your folder, you can add the files which you want to password-protect to it by doing the.

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How to apply password protection in iWork, Notes, PDF and Microsoft files, and also Disk Utility. There are additional ways, which I might add to.

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Have confidential data in your Mac that needs to be locked with A password- file will be created based on the folder you.

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Encrypting folders and files on your Mac is a good idea. This ultimate guide covers how to encrypt files using Apple's built-in password.

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You probably know how to create password protected zip files on them in an archive and locking it with a password is always a good idea.

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As it happens, it also lets you create a password-protected folder in your Mac. It is not a folder, per se. But, you can easily manage all your files.

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Password protect your document to help prevent unauthorized access and changes. You can also choose to remove personal information when saving a file.

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Add Password Protection to a PDF File in Mac OS X for Free one with a lock on it, showing that it has been secured with password protection.