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L CR Performance - how to make a 03 cummins lope - i just got a 03 cummins its got a smarty on it i want it to lope anyone know how to.

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Okay just wondering, and this is probably a silly question, is there amyway to get the truck to idle and lope without harming anything? Like its.

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i have a L cummins and i would like to know how i can make my truck roll coal at best to make smoke your gonna wanna throw a tuner on it. i recommend a .. Dodge Ram SLT Quad Cab 4WD.

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So lets go over how to make a cummins lope. Huge cam will make a 12v lope, BIG injectors and a cam will make 24v lope, cr's I've hear them.

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Cummins Tuners, chips, and programmers. We have the best in the industry for your Dodge Ram.

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i was just wondering what makes the common rail cummins lope at idle, make a change in the way the motor will sound in a 24V and a CR.

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The Everyday Ram: A hp Dodge Anyone Can Build Because the ''07 L Cummins' rotating assembly is known to handle in excess of . disposal at low rpm, very little effort is required to get the white smoke rolling.

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It hasn't thrown any trouble codes and, other than the lope, it seems fine. I'm going to pull I'll have to look at the engine temp it may happen if it starts to drop.