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There are a lot of tutorials that show how to make text for the Blender Game Engine, for example to use in menus. Most involve editors, graphics programs, TGA.

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This is a very quick and simple tutorial for those of you who want to know how to add text in Blender. This is for beginners but as always with my.

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How to Use Text in Blender: In this tutorial I will teach you how to use a custom sometimes not so great) photographs, and dabble in animation/3D rendering.

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In this blender 3d printing tutorial, you will learn how to create text to 3D print using Blender.

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Text objects contain some text, and share the same object type as Curves and Surfaces, Text objects allow you to create and render 2D or 3D text, with various.

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First, the 3D View, where you type your text, and have a few shortcuts, e.g. for applying that most Blender hotkeys you know in Edit Mode do not exist for texts .

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As I said earlier, Blender text can be used to quickly and easily make in game menus, like so: image. Although ideally, yours will be a bit less.

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I have seen some tutorials for cleaning up the mesh on converted text by using the Remesh modifier to create an even grid mesh. Might be.