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Explore this Article Making a Simple Clinometer Using a Simple Clinometer . If you don't want to buy one, you can search online for a printable protractor.

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Make a clinometer and use it to help you estimate the heights of tall objects.

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Build Your Own Clinometer. clinometer. Instructions: Download, print, and cut out this virtual protractor. Strengthen your protractor by gluing it to a piece of.

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This time we=re going to use a clinometer to find the height of some things around town. And you get to build the clinometer yourself! Here are.

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a basic clinometer from classroom materials. A simple version of surveying equipment, a clinometer can be used.

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Put a blob of blu-tack or clay on the end of the thread to make a plumb line. 5. Tape a drinking straw parallel to the 90° line. It should be as close as possible and.