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Each individual typeface works fine, it's just messy. And I can't just select them, right click and combine them into a family, nor can I create a.

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Cant find the right font design? Here's how to make your own.

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FontForge is a free Open source tool for merging individual font files into a font Open all the fonts that make up your family in FontForge.

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Definition and Usage. The font-family property specifies the font for an element. The font-family property can hold several font names as a "fallback" system.

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The service is free to use, and will allow you to create a font of up to 75 characters. A font family for, say, Jon's Handwriting would be: Base: JHandNorm; Bold.

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First create a new font with the New command in the File menu (or by using the - new Give the font a name with the Font Info command from the Element menu.

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For example, the Arial font family contains the following fonts: Arial Regular For example, Arial Narrow is a font family with the following members: Arial Narrow Sign in to give documentation feedback. You may also leave.

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The font-family CSS property specifies a prioritized list of one or more font family names and/or generic family names for the selected element.

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Fontself Maker includes font family support, each font style being handled as a Create a first font based on your default style and save it as a font file, i.e.