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16x20 and 18x24 common size are very affordable at most art supply stores but if Now that you have a completed frame we need to stretch the canvas over it.

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DIY Canvas Picture Frame by Bunny Baubles Blog 1 Diy Canvas Frame, Canvas Picture Frames. Read it Make an oversized frame for a fraction of the price!.

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This easy DIY tutorial will teach you how to frame a canvas for cheap, making a huge piece of $22 art look like it's worth much more!.

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A float mount, the most difficult to build, is sometimes used in canvas framing to Something that you might see more frequently on larger pieces of canvas art is.

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The inner frame, or structure, of every canvas I create is made out of 1×2 wood, and quarter-round trim. Miter Box and Saw Miter Saw and Wood.

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However, you can easily frame an artist canvas yourself using wood lattice Painting Your Wood Lattice to Make a Canvas Frame | Source.