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Martha Stewart and Michael George create unique and easy calla lily wedding bouquets.

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It occupies a strangely rich space that's both classic and totally modern. Fortunately, beautiful calla lily bouquets are easy to fashion yourself.

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DIY fake flower bouquet You can add pearls or sparkly stones in the flowers. Ideal for bridesmaids or bouquet toss. I used a green flexible wire,white flower tape.

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Take a look at the list below to help you make your floral decisions based on the Wedding Flowers - Cala Lillies White Lily Bouquet, White Lilies, Calla Lily.

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How to make a Calla lily cascading Bouquet – Long Style. compliments of Save- This is a spectacular long flowing bridal bouquet. And it is very.

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Here's how to make your own contemporary sheaf of calla lilies in just 4 easy steps. by the knot. Thinking of making your own bridal bouquet? Instead of ribbon .

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This tutorial by the Floral Design Institute demonstrates how to create a hand-tied Calla bridal bouquet. The key to creating this bouquet is to.

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Buy Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Party Decor Bouquet 20 heads Latex Touch Flower Bunch by Save on home decor fabrics to make your DIY dreams a reality!.