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How to Make Mason Jar Candles. Mason jar candles are a great way to recycle old mason jars. They can be used outdoors or indoors, and look great lining the.

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These easy DIY mason jar candles take only 15 minutes to make, and they make a fantastic homemade gift idea! Perfect for Valentine's Day, birthdays, Mother's.

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Making candles is easier than you think use this detailed step by step tutorial to learn how to make your own DIY mason jar candles.

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Learn how to make Mason jar candles with this easy step-by-step canning jar candle creation guide from Delta Faucet: get out the oven mitts and prepare to wax.

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Make your own jar candles at home with a few supplies and a bit of time. Give the jar candles as gifts or burn them in your house.

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Make a mason jar candle in less than five minutes. This pretty candle is totally customizable to whatever fruits, vegetables or flowers are in.

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DIY Mason Jar Candles: This is my own version of DIY Mason Jar Candles! Most of the supplies pictured were either bought from Hobby Lobby or just around.