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Cedars that are sited where they are exposed to cold drying winter winds or bright winter sun can suffer "burn" which can take years for new.

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You could mulch the ground between the trees to suppress the weeds and conserve soil moisture. You might consider planting something that.

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Hi there- We have about 10 Emerald Cedars (at least I think they are) along the back fence. They have not grown past 3 or 4 feet since we've.

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However, they make an excellent windbreak and are suitable on large pieces of property to add a living hedge or winter interest. They grow fast.

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The growth rate of cedar trees depends on the specific species, but most varieties grow 1 or 2 feet during each growing season. The growth rate is slower during.

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Some people plant cedars to create privacy; others plant a hedge because they calculate the number of cedars it will take to grow into a good border—you'll.

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Port Kells Nurseries has over hedging cedars growing on it's 37 acres. Use the shortest plant as a guide, and trim off tops to match, then do a light trim on the sides. If your goal It is one of the fastest growing cedars.

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These trees have a similar form and use, but their growing conditions vary and they do not belong to the same family. All of the cedars grow to.

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It is true that cedars are your best bet for a fast growing, evergreen hedge making firm contact between the soil and the roots of the new trees.