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How to Customize Kicks (Paint Shoes) the Mofoz Visualz Way: This instructable Using thin coats will make sure the paint dries quicker, and will ensure that the .

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This is an instructable for making your own pair of shoes with materials you can I base my technique off of traditional shoe making methods, but you won't need Now, I know how to custom make my own and it will be less expensive in the.

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White sneakers are the simplest to customize. You want to make sure both shoes are designed to look identical for them to be a of art but they won't know about you and your kicks if you leave them at home in the dark.

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Design your own shoes and accessories, including bags and backpacks, on NIKEiD. Browse by sport, style or color. Delivered in weeks.

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Good thing Yeezy told us to get it custom and Wale actually did it with kicks, a step-by-process on how you can make your own custom sneakers if you got some art Mache says: "OK the shoes are prepped, time to paint.

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Create your own custom shoes at Vans. Choose your style, colors, patterns, laces & more. Customize Mens, Womens and Kids styles. Design a pair today!.