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Traditional instructions for making roast goose, rendering goose fat, and using the leftover carcass to make nutritious goose stock in your own kitchen!.

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I'm not % certain what I will do with all this goose stock yet (it made 16 cups worth), but I personally can't tell any difference between it and.

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Q: I made goose stock from the remnants of my Christmas goose.

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The remains of a roast make a thrifty starting point, whereas stock from are no bones available – for instance when roasting turkey or goose.

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It is perfectly all right to use duck or pheasant giblets instead of goose giblets in this strain the stock and bring back up to simmering point before making gravy.

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This is my standard duck or goose stock. It is the stock that I call for in the recipes in this book. In other words, you need to make lots. Every time you get a.