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One of the most popular ways to dye Easter eggs is using hollow eggs—eggs hollowed out by a needle. However, hollowed eggs can be fragile.

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Hollow out your Easter eggs and they'll last for years and years! Get the full tutorial: Check.

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Meanwhile, I had to learn how to hollow out eggs. It's much easier than I thought! There are two ways to do it. Both methods are explained.

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How to Blow Out Eggs. One of the most popular Easter crafts you'll find on Pinterest is beautiful blown-out If you're having trouble getting the yolk to come out, try making the hole at the bottom a little bigger or . They are called Hollow eggs.

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Step-by-step instructions for two easy methods for hollowing out eggs for craft projects and decorations.

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Have you ever hollowed out an egg? Otherwise known as blowing out an egg – but I can't say that without making a weird face, so I'm sticking.

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Egg shells are very porous and they become more and more brittle as they dry out. If you seal the shell from the outside AND the inside, the.