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Lachha paratha is a popular North Indian flat-bread. In North India, Lachha paratha is also famously known as Punjabi bread.

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Preparing Lachha Paratha (Laccha Paratha), a multi layered shallow fried north Indian flat bread, is an epitome of cooking art which tells us how one can make.

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lachha paratha recipe with step by step photos - lachha paratha or lachedar paratha is a popular paratha recipe from north india, made from.

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Make a dough using salt, water and wheat floor and take a lemon size ball to roll. Dusting dry wheat floor as you roll as big as possible. On the rolled dough add.

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This style of paratha turns out crispy with several layers. It's the perfect How to Make Crispy Poori (Fried Indian Flatbread). 60 mins. Ratings.

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How to Make Lachha Paratha. If you'd like to serve a delicious and beautiful flatbread, make lachha paratha. This Northern Indian flatbread is made with whole.

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lachha paratha recipe, lachha parantha recipe with step by step photo, paratha , roomali roti, garlic naan and jowar bhakri recipe. also, do.

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Learn how to create the perfect layers of lachha paratha. The unique layers make this flatbread a creative addition to your menu. Just add your favorite side dish.