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Intellectual life thrives on mystery. When it comes to ancient Greece, one of those mysteries is the linothorax—the flimsy-looking, hip-length.

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It's not too hard to find people online who have detailed explanations of their experiments making such armor -- some of whom go as far as.

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Building a Linothorax yourself is not that difficult at first glance, the details can cardboard template wrap the cardboard around your body, make cut-outs for the You should aim for 12 to 16 layers, beyond that the armour will become to stiff, .

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The linothorax remains a mystery due to the perishable nature of linen, This one tells you how to make articulated shoulder armor that bends with your arm.

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Chuck Does Art: DIY Spartan Hoplite Costume: How to make a faux-leather Linothorax, inspired by Gladiator costume, no sewing required! Greek Armor. jpg Sca Armor, Hellenic League, Ancient Greek, Ancient History,. More information.

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This was the linothorax, a type of body armor created by laminating together Note that this pattern will make a large sized linothorax that will fit someone of up .

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I considered that a subject similar to this may have come up before, especially among any Greek re-enactors who use linothorax armor, but I.

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Hands-on: the making of a linothorax. March 22, by Students cut multiple layers of linen for the armor project. Students apply the second layer of linen.

what you doing wallpaper desktop How much would it cost to make a rawhide T&Y armour vs a linen T&Y.