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For your loved ones who have earned a spot on the Nice List this year, a charming gift constitutes the perfect reward.

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Using the time consuming process of needle felting, where you repeatedly stab at loose wool fibres with a barbed needle, you can shape, re-shape, and create.

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Aug 10, Wool and silk fibers, felting needles and a foam mat used to make scale miniature I use sizes 38, 40 and 42 for miniature animals.

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Tips for Making Needle Felted Animals. Felting needles. Polyester Batting for Base Shape Making Animals Fluffy Limbs Types of Wool Dyeing/Drying Basic Tips.

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Transform masses of wool roving into soft sculpture animals using a barbed needle and felting pad. This little fox was inspired by the movie, The Little Prince.

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See more ideas about Needle felting tutorials, Wool Felt and Tutorials. Needle Felted Mouse Tutorial Needle Felted Animals, Felt Animals, House Mouse.

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May 21, How to make needle-felted animals from Sweet & Simple Needle-Felted Animals by Needle felting is a craft where we take wool roving and.