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This is so WordPress knows exactly what to query posts() or new WP_Query.

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Description. Returns a paginated navigation composed of page numbers linked to the next/previous set of posts if they exist. These functions are used for post.

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How do you split the posts into multiple pages? I put the tag, but no pagination shows up. Well worry not. In this article, we.

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Since I got asked a few times now which function I am using to display the pagination within my themes I thought it was about time to share it.

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Once pagination is added to your page, any post above this number will In order to add pagination to a WordPress theme, we need to build a.

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If you paginate WordPress long post or page, it will be easy for readers to jump from different parts of the post. In such a way you can make your post more.

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This is working for me on a single page using a template. Just be sure to set next_posts_link('Older EntriesĀ»', $the_query->max_num_pages);.

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Pagination in WordPress post without plugin has been explained in this article. Many users and specifically developers do not want to have.

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how to use pagination in WordPress post without having any plugin. you are using custom post type you have to use this loop for pagination.