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Colourful Hexagonal Pen Holder From Paper: In this instructable we will see how to make a colourful Hexagonal Paper Box which you can keep on your desk.

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How to Make Pen Stand/Pencil Holder With Rolled Newspaper: Our houses are full of waste paper that we mostly throw into dustbin but this instructable is going .

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Pen Holder Using Paper: Well this instructable will provide you with a good use of all the I will be using paper pulp based method for making the paper clay.

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Newspaper Pen Stand: You can make it in any shape of your choice. I made a triangular dads-space.comements: Newspaper, black paint,paint brush, glue.

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DIY: How to make pen stand using Newspaper rolls/tubes For how to make news paper rolls visit youtube video . Diy, How, Paper, Make, Craft.

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Make this simple and easy pen/pencil holder from waste materials at can . DIY: How to make pen stand and mobile stand using news paper rolls.

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DIY: How to make pen stand using Newspaper rolls/tubes - best out waste.

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To create a cool grouping with your pencil holders, take each toilet paper roll and add a bottom to it. Then, group them together by using three, four or five rolls.