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The creator over at Yugioh Card Maker seems to be the most feature complete/ best visually, although seems to be missing links.

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Go to and make your card. foil at the bottom, I peeled one of a bad card and glued it on the fake card. Overall great job!.

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I can't give you good pictures but I can't give you pictures at all. I don't own a camera. But all you have to do is cut out the card from the paper and tape or glue .

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There's more than one way to print your cards and make them look 'realistic' or else you will get air pockets and your card won't look so great.

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It's not uncommon to get scammed during a large Yu-Gi-Oh! trade, but you don't have to fall victim. A good Yu-Gi-Oh! player knows how to spot a fake from a mile .

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Get good enough at making your own cards and it's more lucrative -- and Games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, and -- the granddaddy of them all.

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Hello, I'm a returning Yugioh collector after 5 years and I have made a process changed a little while back when making the holofoil cards.

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Most counterfeit cards in the context of Yu-Gi-Oh! are made to mimic those of of selling them as authentic cards to make a profit, which distinguishes them from Fake trading cards are commonly found in flea markets or online marketplaces.

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Another easy identifier of fake cards is the use of incorrect symbols. is approximately to scale (may not be % exact) so should be a good example to judge.