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The Peter Pan collar is a classic blouse collar, and you can learn to make one quickly and easily. Just follow our steps and you can add a new collar to your next.

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I know peter pan collars are like, so , but I still love them. Pretty much every shirt looks cuter with one. It's super easy to add a simple peter pan collar to the.

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You can indeed draft a peter pan collar for any pattern with a round to draft a Peter Pan collar is that, if you are working with a pattern that has.

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Finally! Removable Peter Pan Collar DIY Pattern! Looked for this everywhere!.

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Do you love Peter Pan collars as much as I do? They always seem to add the perfect amount of detail to a top or dress. I also love that they.

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Peter Pan collar is a flat collar with rounded ends that meet at the front. Women have worn this classic design staple since the early 20th.

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Hey, Rooks! For this month, I wanted to make something that embodied the '60s mod spirit, and what's more mod than a Peter Pan collar?.

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And so when Lucky Magazine asked us to create a tutorial for their November issue, DIYing Peter Pan collars was an absolute no-brainer.

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Peter Pan collars are often found on vintage clothing, think Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, and have become equally popular recently on the.

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Turn an ordinary t-shirt into a vintage style top with this Peter Pan Collar Pattern. Follow this easy sewing tutorial and you'll have a cute collar in no time.