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DIY Tent Weights for EZ up canopy-style tents.- would Miss Party Mom: { Miss Party Mom's } How-To PVC Canopy Tutorial Window . Have a pop up canopy?.

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Redo pop-up / tent trailer cushions instructions. >>> Be sure to How to make weights for your tent for less than $30 - Art Fair Insiders Art. More information.

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Make your own pop-up canopy weights with some PVC pipe and concrete. These work great and much more economical than buying weights.

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But if you need to assemble your tent on concrete, you'll have to figure out how to Some public events do not allow cinder blocks to be used as tent weights.

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Tent weights are absolutely essential for outdoor craft shows. craft tents such as Caravan, EZ Up and King Canopy, which allow you to stay within one family of products for your craft To make your own PVC pipe tent weights you will need.

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Weight plates can also be secured to the base of the tent and do not take up too like Caravan, King Canopy and EZ Up, you do not need to buy tent weights.